Security for Your Copier

Not everyone knows this, but if you don’t have security for your copier then you may be vulnerable to data theft.  People are doing more than ever before the keep their information safe as more and more data is stored digitally. You can spend thousands protecting your network, but if you don’t get security for your copier then you could still be in danger.

Security for your copier is no laughing matter. There is a hard drive inside your copier that saves an image of everything that passes through. That means that every scanned paper, printed image, copied document, and fax message is saved inside your hard drive. This is useful for things like document management, but it also means there is a plethora of information available if someone was to get inside.

Most people never consider how much potentially dangerous information is actually stored inside your copier. Many times it’s not one piece of information that puts someone at risk; it’s the combination of everything stored inside your huge hard drive that causes trouble.

  • Personal contact information
  • Home Addresses
  • Business transactions
  • Health information
  • Legal documents

The size of the hard drives in the copiers today lets them keep a huge amount of data. Most copiers have somewhere around a 250GB hard drive, and that’s a lot of information to be stored and not protected.

Companies like Xerox and Formax know how important it is for you to protect your information. That’s why they offer optional security kits to help protect you, and your business associates.

Call us up at Fresno Copier to make sure that your copier is setup to keep you safe. We will make sure that your Xerox copier is working efficiently, and is protected like it should be.