Copier Cyber Security

It’s a fear every business owner has: there was a security breach in your system and your customers have been affected. Social security numbers can be stolen and vital information taken and put into the wrong hands. Many business owners rely solely on network security and think it can save them from all their cyber security fears. What many people do not consider is the possible information that could still be stored within your copier or printer’s hard drive.

Many people do not think to ask about information stored in the machine but many copiers and printers come with a hard drive inside. When leasing a copier for business your representative may not have mentioned this at all, but many copiers have some sort of memory inside that could hold valuable information that your customers do not want taken.

There are a few reasons your sales rep may not have mentioned this option to you:

  • The price of the security system may scare the customer away from the sale
  • They are not aware of the important information sent and copied on your copiers
  • The salesperson may be completely unaware of the option and did not even know to mention that the option exists.

If the copier in your office does not have a hard drive then there is nothing to worry about, but many people do not even consider the cyber security risk or possibility of information being stolen from their copier. For only a few hundred dollars you can add a security kit to your hard drive that clears the drive after every copy. This ensures that all data collected is wiped before anyone else has a chance to get to it.

If important information goes through your copier daily then a few hundred dollars up front could ensure peace of mind and avoid disastrous affects to the lives of you and your customers.  For more information contact the experts at Fresno Copier.