Copier Leasing

Leasing a copier in Fresno can feel a bit overwhelming.  It starts with the evaluation of your current situation and then there is a needs assessment so you can be sure you are buying the best copier for your dollar.

Some of the questions we feel need to be asked for a copier install to be successful are the following:

  • 11 X 17 or Letter Legal needed?
  • Color or B&W needed?
  • How many paper trays are needed?
  • Are you wanting to have the copier connect to the Cloud, apps such as Dropbox or Google Drive?
  • Should copier be wired or wireless?
  • Do you need accounting codes for users to track usage?

There are many items to consider when leasing a copier.  We love helping people find their perfect fit.  One example was an attorney we help in Fresno that was doing almost 10,000 pages a month off of a little Brother machine.  It turns out when all the numbers were crunched, they were paying nearly 3.5 cents per page.  That’s not a big deal when you are printing a couple hundred pages a month.  We were able to get them into a copier that went 55 pages per minute, include all the toner and service and keep their price at about $200.

The $150 savings was a nice savings – that over 5 years is close to $9000 in savings.  This is what we aim for with all of our clients who lease a copier from us in Fresno.  We want to improve the service quality, the price and/or the convenience of the office copier.

Please give us a call if you would like to lease a copier in Fresno!