Wide Format Printers

We specialize in some of the best wide format machines on the market.  KIP products excel in quality and reliability.

Some of the machines we offer are the following from KIP:

KIP 850 – Network printer for when you have the files on your computer.  Multiple touch controls.

KIP 860 – Printer and scanner combo for those who need a bit more from their systems.

KIP 870 – Moving up to a 4 roll printing system.  Have different papers queued and ready to go.

KIP 880 – Like the 870, but with the scanning included.

We also sell the KIP 770, KIP 7170, KIP 75 Series, KIP 79 Series and the KIP 940.

The key to getting the right plotter is to make sure you chat with one of our wide format experts who can help your company determine which plotters are best for you.

If you need a little lower volume plotter, the HP Designjet series has been an industry staple for years!

Some of the HP models that are popular these days are the Designjet T120, Designjet T520, Designjet T730, Designjet T790, Designjet T795, Designjet T830 and the Designjet T930.

If there are other HP units you are interested in, we can help out with those too.  We can help you get the HP Designjet Z5200 or the Z6200.  The options are almost endless with the Plotters out there.  We need to know what kind of jobs you run, how many of those jobs, and what types of paper you use in order to print out your files.

Please give us a call for wide format or plotter help in Fresno!