Save on Prints

Consumables like paper and ink can be large expenses if you do not pay close attention to your lease. Just because you have a good deal on your lease does not mean that you have the best deal on consumables. Salespeople love to oversell consumables to put more money in their pockets. At Fresno Copier we want to help you save on prints.

Usually, people have contracts that give them a certain number of prints per month. Salespeople love to scare people into buying more prints than they will use. This is a tactic to get them more money, while you feel like you are getting a good deal.

If you buy more prints than you need then the extra money just goes in their pocket. The extra paper does not rollover and it’s icing on the cake for the salesperson. The trick to avoid this is to actually buy a slightly fewer prints than you think you may actually need.

If you think that you will use 25,000 prints on a busy month, then try to buy very close to this number. It’s better to get 22,000 prints per month, than 28,000 prints per month. Many people don’t reach their highest capacities most months.

Buying about 80% of the prints you need will be  around the best price point to save money. If you need more then you can buy exactly what you need, instead of over purchasing. Even with a slightly higher price point on the lower volume, you will still save money.

Call us at Fresno Copier to learn more about how to save on prints. We can walk you through each part of the lease and get you a fair copier lease.