Time for a Copier Upgrade

Is your office machine holding up to the demands you put it through everyday? It’s not unusual for for people to get a copier that they think is what they need only to have it not be enough down the road. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It just means that it’s time to reinvigorate your business with a copier upgrade.

What we see the most is that people get a copier that was right for them at the start, but they see their needs change. This usually occurs because your business grows and you weren’t able to foresee what might happen down the road.

Upgrading your copier is a great way to get your office running even more smoothly than before. You can get what you need for larger workgroups and be able to handle an even wider selection of print jobs than ever before.

The best time for a copier upgrade is when you are nearing the end of your previous lease. This can give you time to think about what you need moving forward, and negotiate with different leasing companies. Your current company might be willing to strike a deal to upgrade sooner if you agree to do another lease with them.

Another option is to reach out to us at Fresno Copier when it’s time for a copier upgrade. We are the local experts you want to help you with your next copier lease.