Watch Out For These Common Leasing Mistakes

If you’re thinking about leasing a copier you should do your research first. There are so many different options out there and there are so many different types of leases. Find a company that will walk you through the entire process and that they do not care if you ask a bunch of questions. You should be able to understand just what you are doing when you’re signing a lease for a copier.

Common mistakes that a lot of businesses make are:

  • Picking a copier that isn’t right for your business.
  • Auto renewing contracts.
  • Base cost price that increases over time.

If you pick a copier that isn’t right for your business you could actually be over paying. You need to choose a copier that fits what your business actually copies. There are tons of models out there and you should be able to find the perfect one for you at the right price.

When you have your copier and it is working well, you may forget the end of your lease term is upon you. If you forget and miss the window of when you have to notify your current provider, many will auto-renew for another year, not just month to month.

An example of the base price increasing over time would be that you could start off with a low cost of 5 cents a color page, but then not notice supplies and escalation fee that applies each year. This could be as high as 15%. By the 5th year that 5 cents a page is closer to 10 cents a page. The company that offered 6 cents a page without an increase loses the deal but was, in fact, thousands cheaper.

In order for you to avoid all of these mistakes you should always ask any questions that you may have and you should always read the contract before signing it. If you’re ready to start your first lease, we are happy to help you with all your questions and help match you with the copier that you need for your business.