Why You Should Choose Xerox!

Xerox is a top printer and copier brand that is very versatile and great for your business needs. Xerox has an easy tablet touch screen interface that you can add apps and customize it to fit your business needs to help with maximum productivity. You can use any apps that you already use currently, just download them directly from the Xerox app gallery and you’ll be on your way.

Xerox has mobile printing. Mobile printing allows you to print from anywhere in your office from your smartphone. You can also set up workflows for your daily business functions. This makes completing tasks easier and faster than before.

Xerox allows you to set up print rules for your printer so that you can monitor what is being printed, copied or scanned. Print rules help take back control of your printers to reduce the print volume and reduce costs by incorporating print rules to restrict access to features and devices.

Xerox has authentication features and access control. Xerox has a few different authentication features based on your business needs. You can choose what you need on your copier based on your business needs. No longer worry about whether or not your files are safe or not with the access control features.