Xerox and Apple AirPrint

Printing from an iPhone or iPad presents a unique challenge. These devices do offer a level of freedom that can’t be denied. We’re able to easily create, edit and deploy our work while on the go. Many offices even prioritize mobile devices over desktop or laptop systems in order to prioritize mobility.

It’s natural that people want to print from their mobile devices. However, it’s quite rare for any individual app to offer direct support for wireless printing. It’s equally difficult and time-consuming to sort through apps based on the need to print our work. And of course, we also need to consider the compatibility between printing protocols and our mobile devices. Xerox has made it easy to print from any Apple device.

Why It’s Best To Choose Xerox When Printing From Apple Devices

Xerox provides a wide range of printers that offer native support for Apple’s AirPrint. AirPrint is a special protocol that makes it easy to connect iPhones and iPads to a printer. Xerox’s supported printers can be easily located and connected to through the AirPrint interface. This is one of the first and best reasons to choose Xerox if you make heavy use of Apple products. The company provides a wide range of different printers, and MFPs, with built-in support for Apple AirPrint. This makes it easy to connect an iPhone or iPad with Xerox’s printers.

Connecting to Xerox’s printers over AirPrint doesn’t require any extra drivers or apps. You simply need to select the print option from within an app, choose the AirPrint option, and it’ll automatically locate the Xerox printer. On top of this, Xerox also provides a full printing portfolio specifically tailored for mobile devices. The combination of all of these features means that using Apple’s mobile devices with Xerox’s printers is fast, efficient, and easy.

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